Youth Guesthouse ATOMA Youth Guesthouse ATOMA Youth Guesthouse ATOMA Youth Guesthouse ATOMA Youth Guesthouse ATOMA
Youth Guesthouse ATOMA is a youth hostel for families and adults located at the foot of the Azuma Mountains in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. In the surrounding area, visitors can enjoy picking fruits such as cherries and peaches, firefly hunting, insect collecting, and char fishing. In the guesthouse’s grounds, there is an observatory where you can observe the heavens on clear evenings.
Youth Guesthouse ATOMA
What is ATOMA?
Established in 1994, ATOMA is a self-service inn and youth hostel for families and adults. Each of our guestrooms is equipped with its own large washbasin and has access to Wi-Fi.
We cannot provide the services of a luxury hotel, but we are committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible.
starry sky
ATOMA’s Observatory
The observatory is equipped with a huge 510mm reflecting telescope, the third largest in the Tohoku Region, which is also wheelchair-accessible and barrier-free. This telescope was constructed by Fukushima Astronomy Club and Mr. Hirano, the representative of ATOMA. The observatory is just like a secret base. Just entering the place will give you a thrill!
living room
Building Layout Information
On the cypress terrace, guests can feast on a barbecue with family and friends while taking in the night view. The large windows in the airy living room also allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the nightscape and the sunrise.